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Wonder Lift Facial Treatment £30!!

The Wonder Lift Facial Treatment is a rejuvenating holistic massage that combines the ancient disciplines of Japanese facial massage, acupressure and Indian Head massage. The Wonder Lift Facial Treatment uses a system of gentle pressure and massage techniques to:

. relax the muscles

. untangle and mobilize the fibres

. restore suppleness and energy flow

. improve the complexion and skin tone

. encourage tissues, muscles and skin to return to elasticity

. cleanse and stimulate the flow of lymph to eliminate toxins

. release the face from ingrained expressions and deep seated tensions

I recommend a course of six but after just one treatment your face is rejuvenated and naturally lifted up. A one off treatment is great before a special event.

To further enhance the treatment I use Rose Otto Facial Serum or Moroccan Argan Facial Oil. Rose Otto is a restoring oil which optimizes skin hydration, lowers trans dermal dehydration, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst also firming and nourishing. Morrocan Argan Oil is an advanced anti-aging serum which restores skin elasticity and firmness, optimizes cellular renewal, speeds up cell oxygenation and leaves skin supple and soft.

I'm offering an introductory offer on the Wonder Lift Facial Treatment for an amazing £30. I can guarantee you'll want to re-book when you see the results! Call 07976949695 for an appointment at my beauty room in Esher, Surrey

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